The most anicipated event of the coming days Рthe poll in the UK.

Pound grows on Monday amid the UK shift public opinion regarding the withdrawal from the European Union, which supported risk appetite, which is reflected in the first olchered on gold and the yen.

The market respired after the three of the polls published over the weekend in favor of of the campaign for Britain to remain in the EU, although it is impossible to guess the result of Brexit on 23 June.

Fears of the trader in connection with Brexit began to decline as early as Friday, when the representatives of the two campaigns halted any agitation because of the murder of Joe Cox. As noted by some experts, the traders began to change their mood.

USD is under pressure after the comments of the head of the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) of St. Louis James Bullard. On Friday, he said that the outlook for the US economy would remain unclear in the long term, and the controller must raise interest rates once this year. Earlier, at the end of its June meeting of the US Federal Reserve has kept rates are forecast to increase in 2016 to an average of 0.9%, expecting, so two increases before the end of this year. The attention of traders this week will also be aimed at as the speech of the Federal Reserve System (Fed) Janet Yellen in Congress – it will submit her regular report on Wednesday and Thursday. Investors are waiting for her comments on the timing of raising the base interest rate in the country.

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