Late on Friday afternoon, militia automobiles and troops swarmed the Turkish capital of Ankara and its most populous city Istanbul. The nation’s leading Minister, Binali Yildirim, has gone on television to announce that here’s a coup effort through at the least some component of the armed forces towards the current government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. reputable armed forces channels issued a statement asserting they have got seized handle of the executive.

This has precedent: considering the fact that the creation of the up to date Turkish state, there were several successful militia coups. We don’t yet comprehend how many of the military is worried in this coup, who the leaders are, or how seemingly they’re to be successful.

Here is a developing story, and the statistics on the ground are prone to alternate. here’s what we be aware of and don’t recognize as of Friday afternoon japanese time.

What we know

  • around 3:30 PM EST, studies all started streaming in on social media of important armed forces operations in Ankara and Istanbul.
  • In Ankara, tanks rolled through metropolis streets, planes flew overhead, and army cars surrounded military HQ.
  • Istanbul’s two leading bridges, the Bosphorus and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet, were blocked off through soldiers. Tanks rolled in to Istanbul’s overseas airport:
  • round 4 pm, leading Minister Binali Yildirim went on television to announce that it’s a coup attempt. “a group in the armed forces bought engaged in a rebellion,” Yildrim said, in keeping with big apple instances columnist Mustafa Akyol.
  • Yildrim vowed now not to let the coup be triumphant.
  • At round 4:30 pm, professional defense force channels issued an announcement asserting they had seized control of the executive.
  • The remark advised the incentive become conserving Turkish democracy: “to again acquire constitutional democratic…rights we are formally managing the country.”
  • President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the nation’s quasi-authoritarian chief and the actual vigour in Turkey’s government, is at the moment on vacation, and out of the capital.

What we don’t know

  • Who the coup leaders are, precisely, interior the military.
  • How lots of the defense force is on their side versus the executive’s
  • What faction is currently winning the fight for control over Turkish associations.
  • Why the coup became launched, apart from the military’s own statement.
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