First, you have to be aware of the fact that futures trading differs from regular trading on the stock market. It is connected with speculating future costs of goods for trading.

Futures Trading Basics

The locations where this type of trading is widely spread are the following:

  • NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange)
  • NYCE (New York Cotton Exchange)
  • CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)
  • Chicago Board of Trade

And here is the list of the most popular futures markets for today.

Forex Currency Trading

Another name for it is FOREX, which means foreign exchange. It consists of purchasing and selling the currency the trader decides to bet on. For entering the trading the trader is going to study the economical process in the countries that produce that currency. The most widespread currencies to trade on are the US Dollar, EURO, Japanese Yen and British Pound.


This sphere has a quite a wide range. Everything will depend on the crops farmers grow and people who are fond of it. If we take wheat, the farmer is going to sell the crop futures in case he is sure that the price will decline before he will get the harvest. On the other hand, the bread manufacturer will certainly buy the futures if the cost of wheat will go up before its harvest.

However, wheat isn’t the only crop that can be involved in trading. The other ones are corn futures and soybean.

Energy futures

Judging only by the heading, you can easily conclude that this type deals with oil and gas futures, and anything that is able to produce light and fuel.

Interest Rate

This kind is connected not only with the actual interest rate, but also with all kinds of financial deals and bonds.


Isn’t it surprising to hear that this can also be traded? The goods that have wide usage, such as sugar, coffee and orange juice are usually involved.


This sector gets more and more popular throughout the years. Silver and gold are naturally involved. After having looked at this materials, continue research and start entering the transactions only after you fully evaluate all the risks and possible earnings.

Futures trading isn’t an easy thing but learning your own and other people’s experiences will definitely help you to grow and achieve great success in it.

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