Iran’s crude oil exports were 2.11 million barrels per day in August—up 15 percent from July exports, based on Reuters, citing somebody with potential of Iran’s tanker loading agenda.

The figures lend credence to Iran’s promise to come to pre-sanction creation tiers, regardless of the OPEC (and Russia) meeting on September 26-28 in Algiers that many are hoping will conclusion with a production freeze contract as a way to quell the fee freefall.

Besides the fact that children figures range a bit reckoning on the source, crude oil exports from Iran in June have been 1.9 million bpd, adopted with the aid of 1.83 million bpd in July, in keeping with tanker loading agenda statistics. The August figure represents a five-12 months high for Iran.

Iran’s export surge become made possible with the aid of India (specifically A Refinery), which took nearly 600,000 barrels per day—up about 33 percent from July tiers in keeping with Reuters—and its European shoppers which took 630,000 barrels per day.

Iran, OPEC’s third biggest oil producer, continues that any dialogue about it freezing construction at the upcoming OPEC meeting could be premature, and that pre-sanction stages would first should be reached.

“As quickly as we come returned to pre-sanction levels, we should be able to discuss quotas and level of creation,” Mohsen Ghamsari, director for foreign affairs at national Iranian Oil company, stated in an interview in Singapore. “The 4 million bpd production degree isn’t very far from our hands. i’m hoping through the conclusion of 2016 or early subsequent year, we’d be in a position to attain that level.”

OPEC’s month-to-month Oil Market document for September 2016 showed Iran’s crude oil creation for August become at 3.653 million barrels per day—up from 3.631 million barrels per day in July, and between 147,000 and 347,000 barrels per day less than pre-sanction degrees

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